Our Clients

Successful designs
created in partnership
with our clients

At Johnson Hughes, we believe the most important team member is our client—we work in partnership with each of our clients to ensure all of the project goals are achieved. We have a highly collaborative work process that enables client and project teams to work together towards the successful conclusion of the project.

Below is a select list of clients we have been fortunate to work with:


Geoffrey and Sadie Barish John and Kim Miller Fred and Anouk Krueger
Irving and Shelli Azoff Michael Bay Philip and Isabell Von Alvensleben
Brian Burke Til and Dana Schweiger Dr. Ray and Suzanne Ricci
Howard and Louise Phanstiel David Foster Bill and Carol Mechanic
Brian and Wendy Turner Shary and Esther Nassimi Stephen and Fay Drath
Wayne Hughes Tom and Sally Landau Leslie and Jean Burg
Roy and Linda Disney Donna Tuttle Robert Six and Audrey Meadows
Emerick Properties Darick Wolski Dr. Michael and Rebecca Leidner
Tim Disney Norton Karno Prescience-Equity
David Elmore Cory Surkert Dave and Susan Luders
Anita Pointer Raymond Katz Douglas Hobbs
Linda Disney