Merging the art & science
of design

Johnson Hughes, Inc.’s role as a General Contractor is to select and organize all persons and/or organizations necessary to build and complete a specific construction project. This involves coordinating dozens of independent contractors and suppliers toward a common goal, and demanding quality in their workmanship and materials. In doing so, we provide a buffer between the Owner and the mechanics of the project allowing the Owner to address any project concerns directly with us.

We guarantee that only qualified, reliable contractors are employed on Johnson Hughes, Inc. projects. We demand that our contractors take pride in their work, complete it on schedule, and work well in conjunction with others. After reviewing a proposed construction project, Johnson Hughes, Inc. determines which of the construction trades will be required to complete the project. Two to three contractors in each trade are then contacted and given an opportunity to bid. Each contractor is selected on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications for the specific project requirements.
  • Past work performance with Johnson Hughes, Inc.
  • Reputation in the local construction community.
  • Ability to adhere to the project schedule.
  • Contract price.

It is equally important to enter into a contract detailing expectations between the Builder and Subcontractor as it is to clarify all conditions between the Owner and Builder. For this reason, Johnson Hughes, Inc. has developed comprehensive contracts for each of the residential construction trades. These contracts are then customized for each particular project so they address that project’s specific needs. As a result, each Subcontractor selected for the project knows:

  • The general scope of his responsibilities.
  • The specific components he is to install.
  • The time frame within which he is to complete his work.
  • Change order procedures.
  • His coordination requirements with other subcontractors.
  • His lien release and insurance requirements.


Johnson Hughes, Inc. has elected to specialize in residential construction because it is more personal and service oriented than commercial work. We enjoy the direct interaction with the people who will ultimately live in the home we are building. We know how hard it is for most homeowners to visualize their house from a set of plans and specifications. We do our best to help the Owner understand what he is buying before quoting him a firm price, often with the assistance of an architect and/or interior designer. While under construction, we encourage the Owner to walk through the project as it develops to make sure that he/she is comfortable with their previous decisions. If a change is desirable, Johnson Hughes, Inc. is flexible and fair, fully documenting the change and fee before work begins.

Johnson Hughes, Inc. feels very strongly that the Owner should know the total project cost before construction begins. We include in the costing all expenses that the Owner will incur through final house cleaning. Our estimate and billing documents are based on the industry standards established by the Construction Specifications Institute.


Johnson Hughes, Inc. The Design (architect) or Design Team (architect and interior decorator, when applicable) uses their expertise to develop a pleasing and functional house design that meets the Owner’s needs while staying within his/her budget. The Builder calls on his past experience to accurately bid the project costs and construct a quality home.

By offering design/build services, Johnson Hughes, Inc. is able to input cost information, project recommendations, as well as construction techniques to the Designer as the house plan is being developed. As a result, the plans and specifications can be produced with greater efficiency and construction will run more smoothly. This design/build process virtually eliminates potential misunderstandings between Designer and Builder. Whether a remodel or new construction Johnson Hughes, Inc. completes the building project with the same high ideals of quality and professionalism.